Walnut 5U 75g 30Lbs Full Carbon Fibre Twist Frame Badminton Racket with Free Tied (Color : A, Size : One Size)

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$1,894.00 /pc


  • 1.Double-frame tapering structure: boxed reinforcement at the tee and a special frame with a winged cross-section to enhance strength and reduce wind resistance
  • 2.The diamond frame design makes each strand rise up like a hill, increasing the frame's load-bearing capacity and distributing the vibration of the strands evenly across the frame, resulting in low vibration and accurate ball control.
  • 3. 0.75cm-0.65cm thin centre shaft, with a tapered centre shaft outer diameter and a slim body for a quicker and more responsive swing.
  • 4. Thin rod high-strength urge tube: bionic research results, ergonomic principles based on professional players test play, to create a bending point front racket tube low wind resistance, high elasticity, high strength, significantly improve the quality of badminton one by one, especially point kill badminton one by one
  • 5. The application of nano-nano-resin enables the Nano-level fine particles to be closely and evenly distributed in the carbon fibre voids, enhancing the overall strength and flexibility of the carbon fibre composite. for better racket performance.

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